Wednesday through Saturday, 15–18 November 2017 at 7:00 p.m. 

with a Saturday matinée at 2:00 p.m.

Mercury Theater and Event Center, 591 South 300 West, Provo, Utah

$10 festival pass gets you into any and every program! 


We are excited to announce this year's festival lineup

of Utah playwrights and directors! 

Sixty-eight scripts were submitted (thank you, playwrights of Utah!),

and passed through a rigorous selection process (thank you, jury!).

17 of these have been chosen for our first annual festival— 

seven as staged readings and ten as full productions. 

Congratulations to the playwrights whose work will be performed

in this year's New Works Ten, and thank you to our stellar directors

for stepping up to bring these stories to life for our audiences. 


The Treasure Wtihin

Jennica Olsen, playwright

Kayla Bergstrom, director

The Dance

D. Reed Whittaker, playwright

Ruthie Cobb, director

Turn Off the Light

Cameron Putnam, playwright

Jess Bird, director

Mom's Ham

Rachel Bublitz, playwright

Soren Budge, director

Come Clean

Georgia Buchert, playwright

Ruthie Cobb, director

The Undertaker

Cody Cutler, playwright and director


The Last Kolache

Kenneth Price Agle, playwright

Dennis Agle, Jr., director


The Anxiety of a Knuckleball Before the Plate

Bryan Stubbles, playwright

Carrie Cox, director

The First Time I Knew

Tucker T. Dansie, playwright and director

Here Below

Soren Budge, playwright

Caitlin Laurie Bell, director


Eric Samuelsen, playwright

Michael P. Smith, director

The Hopeful, Peaceful Pixel of My Genuinely Lived Life

Page Petrucka, playwright and director


Kathy Reynolds, playwright

Heather Oberlander, director

The Good Wife's Guide

Scott M. Stringham & Heather A. Stringham, playwrights

Heather A. Stringham, director


Spicer W. Carr, playwright

Scott M. Stringham, director

Unseen, They Do Not Bite

Eric Paul Lyman, playwright

Chris Bentley, director

The Holiday Police

Cody Cutler, playwright and director

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